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Mordechai Milotay


How to become self-sufficient while living in the city.

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Going Primal

Friday, August 10th 2012 @ 4:03 AM    post viewed 1511 times

A hair over two years ago I was in a car accident. While there have been a lot of effects on my life and my family`s, one of the most visible was that I gained 57lbs during the first four months after it. I was profoundly nauseous because of my vestibular injuries. The weird thing is that I craved greasy high carb foods when nauseous. I did things like having two cans of Pringles for lunch, because for a very short time, they made me feel better. Anything that would stop the nausea was good in my books, as it had got to the point where my children were making games up about tatti puking.

I tried a variety of things to try and lose the weight I`d gained. I started walking to and from work each day (3.7 km each way) and found Tim Ferriss`s 4 Hour Body, which I took exercise and diet direction from. While these helped a bit, they only helped me get the first 20 lbs off. I then bounced back and forth losing and regaining that weight because of medications I was put on to deal with the migraines.

I became more and more frustrated and disillusioned with losing the weight. The flip side was that as a father with 4 young children I need to be fit in order to be the best tatti possible, and to be around as long as possible for them. This means losing weight and improving fitness. I continued to thrash around until I discovered the Paleo/Prima/Original Foods movements. They all had the basic foundation which was to eliminate grains, legumes and processed sugar. I read through all of the popular books until I found Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint. What I liked about his work was that it looks at more than just diet, but at all aspects of our life, and it worked for the types of kosher food available on this island off the coast of NA.

I have been amazed at the changes I have experienced. I have lost weight, gained energy, and for the first time I can remember I actually feel satisfied when eating. I don’t get shaky and antsy when I go too long without eating. I just generally feel good. My wife has adapted her and our kids diets as much as possible to follow the same course. It is challenging for her, and so to make it easy I cover my breakfast and lunch during the week. My solution has been to eat seeds and fruit at work. At first I was using pepitas as the base of my daily meals, but I had to mix in higher fat nuts to achieve satiety. This was fine until I started to get a zinc taste in my mouth all of the time. This was concerning as one of the side effects of too much zinc is sudden and permanent loss of your sense of smell. So, I started to look around for something new to eat. I found it all in hemp seeds.

They are an excellent dietary source of easily digestible, gluten-free protein. The protein content works out to 34.6 grams of protein from 100 grams of seeds. While this is comparable to that of soy beans (without the risk of growing breasts) and better than that found in nuts, other seeds, dairy products, meat, fish, or poultry. Also, the oil contains the correct ratio of Omega-6 and 3, as well as offering the direct metabolites of Omega-6 and 3, Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) and Stearidonic Acid (SDA). These metabolites are vital components needed for the production of prostaglandin for hormones and in immune functions.

So, my standard breakfast and lunch these days are a ¼ cup of hemp seeds and a bit of fruit. This leaves me feeling satisfied and is helping me toward my fitness goals. I will write more about my progress with going primal as I get more and more settled into it.



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