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Wearing the Younger, Wearing the Older

posted by Devorah Reiss, NJP CommunityTuesday, March 11th 2014 @ 4:08 PM

Since the last time I wrote about wearing my baby, I have been blessed with a second child (and a new, awesome carrier!).  My daughter was given her own child-sized carrier to play with, and we've been happily wrapping and tying and buckling away around the house and outside.

Of course, there are always those interesting moments that happen when you wear your baby.  For example, when I came home from the hospital the day after giving birth and had baby snuggled up to me in a stretchy wrap.  I walked in the front door and my very nearly 3-year-old daughter gave me the strangest look and asked me, "Ima, why you have baby doll in the carrier?"  You should have seen her look of surprise when I put him down and he started moving!

And then there's always the lovely debate of what is the easiest way to travel.  We were going to a different city for Shabbat, using public transportation.  Our daughter won't walk the distances required to catch all the buses, but our single stroller no longer folds and our double is just too much to take with us.  So I was sitting there calculating how much the children weigh together (about 25 kg or 55 lbs) and trying to figure out if I could carry one on my front and one on my back and still have strength to move.  The answer is no, but it was a highly amusing experiment for all involved.

After my experience with my first, who refused to have anything to do with the stroller until later in her first year, I didn't even bother with a stroller for the new one - in fact, we didn't even HAVE a stroller appropriate for his age and I was relying solely on the carrier.  Alas, he is a different child and actually enjoys the views he gets if he has a seat of his own, but his first ride in a stroller was past the age of three months and I still find myself strapping him on several times a day.  He is a very big boy (over 20 lbs at 6 months now) so I don't know if I'll continue wearing him past a year like I did his sister, but in the meantime I'm taking it one day at a time and we are both enjoying ourselves immensely.  



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