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Group Co-Administrator


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The Story of Esther Red Riding Hood

posted by Yael Resnick, Aishes ChayilSunday, February 24th 2013 @ 12:29 PM

This year's Resnick family Purim mash-up... hope you enjoy! Happy Purim to all.

There was once a sweet little maid named Esther, who lived with her uncle Mordechai in a pretty little cottage at the edge of the village. She had a red cloak with a hood that she liked to dress up in, so people called her Esther Red Riding Hood.

One morning Esther Red Riding Hood's uncle said, "Put on your things and go to see your grandmother who lives near the palace in Shushan. Take along this Mishloach Manot basket for her. I have put in it hamantashen and other dainties."

It was a bright and sunny morning as Esther Red Riding Hood set out. But she wandered from her path and was stooping to pick a flower when from behind her a gruff voice said, "Good morning, Esther Red Riding Hood." Esther Red Riding Hood turned around and saw Haman, who had big, pointy ears like a wolf.

"What have you in that basket, Esther Red Riding Hood?"


Haman looked very confused. "Where are you going with them, Esther Red Riding Hood?"

"I am going to my grandmother, who lives past the wild rose bushes, near the palace in Shushan."

Then Haman set off to the grandmother’s house. He tricked her into letting him in by pretending to be a loyal minister to King Achashveirosh. Then he chased her out of her house, stole her robe and nightcap, jumped onto the bed, and pulled the covers up to his pointy chin.

In a short while Esther Red Riding Hood knocked at the door, and walked in, saying, "Good morning, Grandmother, I have brought you hamantashen, and here is a bunch of flowers I gathered in the wood." As she came nearer the bed she said, "What big ears you have, Grandmother!"

"All the better to hear the Megilla, my dear."

"What big eyes you have, Grandmother!"

"All the better to see your beautiful costume, my dear."

"But, Grandmother, what a big nose you have!"

"All the better to smell those hamantashen, my dear."

"But, Grandmother, what a big mouth you have!"

"All the better to eat up your Mishloach Manot!!" And Haman sprang at Esther Red Riding Hood.

Just at that moment Esther Red Riding Hood's uncle was passing the cottage to check up on her, and he heard her scream. He rushed in and sent Haman to the palace to be dealt with by the royal guards. Esther Red Riding Hood’s grandmother came back into her cottage and went back to bed.

Everybody was happy that Esther Red Riding Hood had escaped Haman. Her uncle brought her to live at the palace, where everyone sort of lived happily ever after.




Janeen Nicholas
NJP Community
JaneenNicholas said on Sunday, February 24th 2013 @ 2:04 PM:

I *love* this!!! Thank you for sharing. I'll bet the recipients feel very special. :)

Sarah Rivka Schechter
NJP Community
SarahBedder said on Sunday, February 24th 2013 @ 11:46 PM:

Lol, this is awesome! :)

Yael Resnick
Aishes Chayil
Yael said on Monday, February 25th 2013 @ 2:52 PM:

Quote from JaneenNicholas on Sunday, February 24th 2013 @ 2:04 PM

I *love* this!!!Thank you for sharing. I'll bet the recipients feel very special. :)

Janeen, all of my readers are my recipients, too! :)

Yael Resnick
Aishes Chayil
Yael said on Monday, February 25th 2013 @ 2:53 PM:

Thanks, Sarah! :)

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