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About Natural Jewish Parenting

bX65m-newYaelpicsmall.jpgHi, I’m Yael Resnick, publisher of Natural Jewish Parenting and founder of this online community, and the mother of five children ranging in age from 3 to 18 years old (B"H).

I started publishing Natural Jewish Parenting magazine when my oldest was two years old. At that time, I had been reading all kinds of parenting magazines, but none of them really spoke to me as a Jewish mother. Although there were some excellent and informative articles, all too often the things I read in the secular magazines seemed either too bland and conventional, or so over-the-top “alternative” as to be problematic from a Jewish point of view.

And although there were occasional parenting articles in general Jewish magazines, there were no magazines devoted entirely to Jewish parenting.

So I decided to use my background as a writer, editor, and graphic designer to create a magazine that would meet the unique needs of Jewish parents.

Natural Jewish Parenting covers all aspects of the Jewish family experience, and reflects a holistic approach to parenting and health. So, for example, we focus on natural foods, gentle discipline, the importance of a close mother-baby bond, wholesome entertainment choices, environmental awareness, and so on. We also present views on alternative approaches to healing, less-conventional educational options (homeschooling, for example), and so on.

Diverse perspectives are offered, so that readers can be informed about alternatives and take away from it whatever makes sense for their particular family.

It's important to keep in mind that when it comes to parenting, there's no single approach that's right for everyone. Parents need to make whatever choices are best for their own families, and respect the choices that other families make.

Religiously speaking, the magazine and this online community are intended to stay true to Torah Judaism. But our readers come from every kind of background and affiliation, and all are welcome here. 

Natural Jewish Parenting is the only magazine dedicated to the Jewish parenting experience, and the only magazine that supports and empowers Jewish parents in their efforts to raise children who are healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually. When we cover areas such as health, learning, etc., it is always from a Jewish perspective. Everything we publish is directly relevant to Jewish families.

Thank you for visiting this site. I do hope you will become a member and enjoy being an active part of the Natural Jewish Parenting online community!


Nancy Goldman

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